Domestic victory climbed Girona to 8th place

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handball tips The new Girona has not betrayed the tradition of recent weeks to play very loud at home. The Catalan team beat 3:0 Leganes and moved up three positions up to 8th in the La Liga. Cristian Stuwani opened the score, Portu scored a second goal to the break, and at the end of the game Juanpe finished the guests. Leganes failed to play in a third consecutive championship according online handball picks match and was in the middle of the table. Today`s doubles showed because Asier Garitano`s team is the third with the least scored goals in the league. The guests played poorly in the first half and then had no strength even for a partial turn. Girona took the 23rd minute of a penalty shot to play Martin`s hand in the penalty area. The experienced Stuwani shot right at the bar and the guard Ivan Kueyar had no chance, although he felt the direction of the strike. In the 36th minute the hosts organized an excellent counterattack, Portu advanced and with a shot below the bar raised to 2:0. Everything ended in the 85th minute when Juanpe was right. The defender was right after assisting Alex Grangel.





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