Gigi Buffon:Football has made me a better person

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handball tips Legendary goalkeeper of Italy and Juventus Canluigi Buffon has announced he will leave Torino after the season but currently does not plan to give up football. The 40-year-old guard has stated his intentions at a special press conference today, and shortly thereafter the specialized edition The Players u0026 rsquo;The Tribune released a large piece of material in which Gerard Pique of Barcelona interviewed his longtime rival. Gerard Pique:Gigi, thank you for meeting me here in Turin. They read a lot about you. I have read that your parents and sisters are also athletes.

Canluigi Buffon:Yes, I come from a sports family. I`ve always known that sport is my future, from a small one. My mom and dad competed at a good level in athletics, and my two sisters played volleyball in the first division. One of them even won the Volleyball Champions League, unlike me. As the smallest in the family of famous athletes, I wanted to prove my skills and show them that I can. I`m lucky I played football and I became a goalkeeper. Q:What is your first football recollection since childhood?

B:My first memory? I think I was the 4th World Title of Italy since 1982.

P:I have not been born yet! B:I was too young to understand the World Championship, but I remember that all adults gathered around the TV, supporting Italy. I kicked out and realized that I like to play with the ball. I spent my afternoons playing football and listening to the joyous shouts from within.

P:You start in Parma and you play your first game against 17 against AC Milan without a goal.


P:The Dream of Every Goalkeeper.


Q:What was the feeling of being so young and being the champion of such an important team as Parma, one of the best clubs in Italy at that time?

B:In the mid-1990s, for a period of about 10 years, Parma was among the best in Europe. For 10 years, they have won the UEFA Cup twice, the Italian Cup, the UEFA Super Cup. It was a team of the highest level. The match was important. We were in the league from questions for handball tips and we had equal points with Milan, who had great champions:Baghdos, Wea, Savicevic, Maldini. I was only 17 years old and I had to play. In the morning, I was told that I would play and I`m proud of not being afraid. I remember that I was very happy because Buffon had a chance to show the world who he is and a good goalkeeper. I connect this decisive game with joy.

P:Then you debut on Italy on 19. In Russia. B:Cesare Maldini called me for the fifth or sixth time, but I had not played yet because the other goalies were Perucci and Paliuka and they deserved more. These are the qualifications for the World Cup in France. We played with Russia in Moscow. In the 25th minute, Paliuca hit the knee and had to get out. I was an enthusiastic kid who was not afraid of anything. But when I went in, it was not so much fun because the course was covered in snow. It was such an important match to Italy`s ranking. I started to warm up and went in two minutes later. Already on the field, I was very concentrated. Fear left me and I was focused on the limits of my ability. Five minutes after my entry Russia had a great chance of a goal and I made a great rescue on my left

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