Gattuso:I expect Baka to come with desire, we think about Europe

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handball tips Milan Gutuzo, Milan`s coach, gave a press conference where he said that I hope Carlos Baka will return to the team with a desire. Rino also said he expects the club to be admitted to the Europa League. Here`s what the 2006 World Champion said on various topics:

About the Champions League:It`s easy for me to say that we`ll get to ShL, but it`s actually very difficult. In the new season, we need to find the peace of mind to work towards the goals. For Carlos Bacha:The club puts a price on it, but if there is no deal, he remains part of the team. I hope to join us willingly. He came after a good season in Villarreal where he scored 18 goals. If he wants, I`ll make him change and train. If he stays with us, he has to do what I say, not what he thinks. I want Andre Silva to be a much awaited player. What he did last season is not enough. Kurtone knows what he can do to the team. For goalkeepers I will say that it is better to have two bigger than none.

For Massimo Mirabela:We work from morning till night, we talk to each other, as it should be. We work for the good of Milan. Let things get, then they can go wrong. About Simone Dzacza:He has the characteristics of Patrick Kutrone, who has less experience but is similar. To date we are good with the attackers, everything is right. If someone goes away, it will be different. About Nikola Kalinic:He has suffered since he came here. Injury, problems, was not honest with his coach. Talking to him, it`s not easy to be a coach. It`s a mistake when you`re not honest with your coach. About the Schemes:We start from where we finished. But perhaps you should consider protection from three. There will be three in the middle of the pitch, and the rest will need modification. About the Club Problems:Thank God, ever since I came here, I`m just a senior coach. I`ve been good for two days now because we talk about football and we`re training. Nerves and anxiety have passed. The worst moment was when I broke the phone from talks with Mirabello, he made me sick about it. They left the kids and the woman and drained the battery on the phone with Mirabella.

For World Cup 2018:I did not have to go to Russia to watch players. The players must be functional, we should not take a kilogram, as Mirabella said. Those who arrive must have specific characteristics. I`m not just talking about technique and tactics, but about humanity. Many people ignore the character when they spend 50-60 million euros.

About Alain Halilovich:I see him as a midfielder. Frank Kessie? What matters, he has other characteristics to Halilovic. About Canluigi Buffon:I did not think you could continue to be a decisive figure in a glorious club analyzed by online handball picks like Paris Saint-Germain in 40 years. It is one of the largest teams in Europe. I remember having injured his back badly in 2010, saying he might not play anymore, but we`re talking about a goalkeeper who still keeps.

For the purposes:With all our problems After May 20, we were every day in Milan`s office, talking to Fasone, even with Dawdy Li. We talked about what we should do. We have not talked about goals, we have other problems

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