Werder knocks Eintracht in the 96th minute

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handball tips Werder (Bremen) darkened Kevin Trap`s re-debut at the door of Eintracht (Frankfurt), defeating his 2-0 victory at the Komerczbank Arena. It was the first victory for the green-white season, which made the success at the very end of the match, silencing the tens of thousands of fans of the hosts who played the stands today.

The visitors from Werder found the result according handball livescore in the 20th minute of the match. Then Juya Osako mastered a long pass by Maximilian Eggelstein and after David Abraham, he sent the ball into Kevin Trap`s net - 0:1. Previously, Eintracht lost another central defender, Carlos Salcedo, who was injured in the 11th minute and was replaced, and in the 32nd Jetro Willems was sent off with a direct red card for a ballless ball.

Sebastien Aller restored his draw shortly after the second half. The French striker scored a penalty in the 53rd minute, adjudicated for a violation of Jiri Pavlenka against Mitu Gacchinovic. However, in the case of the violation, Werder`s goalkeeper struck his face and was pulled out on a stretcher, and then replaced. Bremen wrestled for success in the final seconds of the game. The referee took 7 minutes and in the penultimate minute of the added time, Milot Rashitsa realized a direct free kick, providing the three points of his team - 2:1.




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