A 120-minute battle sent Newcastle into the 4th round for the FA Cup

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handball tips Newcastle scored two goals in extra time and beat Blackburn 4-2 in a replay from the FA Cup third round. The `Sharks` led 2-0 in the middle of the first half, but at the break the hosts managed to catch up and even had cleaner positions before the extra 30 minutes. In them, Hosseolu and Azeuz Perez brought Newcastle`s success, which in the next round will face Watford.

Prior to the match, Raphael Benitez`s manager Rafael Benitez said in a straight line that the team is much more important to keep their place in the Premier League than to make it to the FA Cup. What the Spaniard certainly did not want was to play sequels and important players to injure themselves. But that`s what happened. Defender Keuron Clark forced out on the break, and Jamal Lassels replaced him in just three minutes on the pitch. The good news for Newcastle fans is the strong performance of the youngsters Shawn Longstaff and Calum Roberts. Both scored their debut hits for the team with which the `gordi` pulled 2:0. Adam Armstrong returned one goal after Danny Graham`s pass, and Dara Linihan equalized with a head in the 45th minute. BlackBerry made a serious omission through Bradley Dak and in the 105th minute David Raya`s goalkeeper did not interfere well after a strong shot by Fabian Cher and Hossela narrowly scored the third goal for Newcastle. Repetition showed that the Spaniard was ambushed but was not tagged. A little later, Iose Perres, with a good shot on the diagonal, put a point in the argument, but again, Raya could react better.

This is the first win in the last 7 games for Newcastle in all the tournaments and only the sixth for the FA Cup since the club headed Mike Ashley in 2007. The statistics also point to another curious fact - the `swarms` had not scored 4 goals in the national cup tournament via contact with handball tips for 11 years. For the last time it happened in 2008, again in the third round, against Stoke City.

England, FA Cup - Round 3 (Replay):

BLACKBURN - NEWCASTLE 2:4 (after Prod. )

0:1 W. Longsaf (1)

0:2 K. Roberts (22)

1:2 A. Armstrong (33)

2:2 D. Lenihan (45)

2:3 A. Peres (106)


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