Handball tip Wizard Messi with a famed hat trick, Barca came back on top

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handball tips Spain`s Barcelona champion is back in the lead after a 4-1 success over Celta in a 13th round La Liga game played in front of 71 209 Camp Nou viewers. That was a hat trick for Lionel Messi after three strokes of static.

In the 23rd he scored from the penalty spot, and in the 45th and 48th minutes he scored twin goals from direct free kicks. Barca`s fourth goal was the work of Sergio Busquets (85). For Vigo guests Lucas Olassa also scored from a direct free kick (42).

The 17-year-old sensation Ansu Fati was the holder of the offensive threesome with Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann. Frankie de Jong stepped down as midfielder in the absence of Sergio Busquets. Samuel Jumtiti and Junior Firpo entered the Blue-Reds` defensive four. New Sky trainer Oscar Garcia has set up a midfielder scheme and forward Yago Aspas.

The Camp Nou match began at a leisurely pace. The Catalans had a hard time developing their attacks. In the 14th minute, there was a slight commotion in the penalty area of the Galician team. Messi uses a fraction of a second to burst into the open corridor. The shot was cut off and accurate, but goalkeeper Ruben Blnako was careful, planning and catching.

The game according online handball picks of the hosts did not go. In the 22nd, Junior Firpo got to the left and, in an attempt to center, the ball found Joseph Aido`s hand. The repetitions showed that the hand was in an unusual position, which substantiated the judge`s decision. Leo Messi scored from the white point after a hit to the ground - 1:0. Shortly before the performance, Ernesto Valverde removed the injured Nelson Semedo and put into play Sergio Busquets. As expected, Sergei Roberto is back in the defensive four.

After the hit, the Catalans continued to play sluggishly and predictably in attack. In the 37th, Arthur failed to catch the ball on the outfield and left the outline. Otherwise Leo Messi directed her to the net a second later. The repetitions made it clear that the ball was out. In the 40th La Pulga lost the ball and went on to neutralize Celta`s attack. The Argentine man managed to clear the ball in front of the penalty area, but the referee saw the foul and got a yellow card.

Lucas Wallace delivered a superb free kick. Everyone was expecting Yago Aspas to shoot, but Wallace turned the ball into the corner of the wall and left Mark-Andre ter Stegen with 1:1. The answer was not late. Arthur advanced to the front and was detained. Leo Messi got behind the ball 23 meters from the goal line and scored another superb free-kick - 2:1.

At the break, Ernesto Valverde took out Ansu Fati and released Ousmane Dembele. Within seconds of its appearance, the French blade was admired with magnificent punches in the penalty area and a technical strike in which the ball went very close to the joint, but out. In the 48th Leo Messi scored another great goal from a direct free kick. This time, the ball was placed 22 meters, but again was comfortable for the left foot of the Argentine. The Catalan team`s top ten again turned the ball over the wall and again the keeper failed to reach the ball despite the pitch - 3:1.

The guests from Balaidos went ahead and created some good situations. Handball tip - more details and information: Handball tip

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