Handball prediction A stunning goal in the 90th minute brought the victory of Crystal Palace

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handball tips Crystal Palace team topped West Ham in a 2-1 draw in the Premier League`s 19th round clash. All three hits fell after the break, the most impressive being the last one. In the 90th minute Jordan Ayu tied the defense and then knocked the ball over the keeper.

In the first half of Selhurst Park there was a lot of battle and there were no positions. The hosts had the best two situations to find the result. Jordan Ayu missed after a nice raid on Wilfred Zaha. A little later, Max Meyer did not find the target.

In the 57th Mikael Antonio brought out Robert Snodgras, who scored with a very nice diagonal shot, making it 0-1. In the 68th, Sheikou Kuyate equalized with a shot from the left after the visitors` central defense did not focus on the left and the ball was served. Kuyate`s legs are 1:1. In the 90s, Jordan Ayu showed great technique: he passed three, elegantly entered the penalty area and in a great way dug the ball over the goalkeeper for the final predictions by links to handball tipster 2:1.

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