Handball prediction Maldini: Zlatan is part of the Milan project

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handball tips Milan`s technical director Paolo Maldini commented on the situation surrounding Zlatan Ibrahimovic`s stay at the club, as well as his managerial position.

We have built something this season and it must be given perseverance. So in the next campaign we will try to build on what we have done. Zlatan is part of this project. Negotiations will not be easy, but we are determined to keep it with us. We have a lot of young players who can quickly grow up with Ibra alongside them. We may have different approaches to achieving our goals, but we also need to have a comprehensive vision of where we want to go, otherwise I would not be here.

Serge Orie? We talked to his agent a year ago, to be honest, now we`ll see how the next few weeks develop. Once you take on a director`s role, you have to learn more patience, which is the basis of your job, because everyone wants everything right away, especially in a club predicted by buy handball picks like Milan. When you have this quality, it helps the results come a little easier. The Milan shirt weighs on people, and I think the break somehow helped some of the players to shake off that tension. Having said that, I believe that this process began even before the pandemic, Maldini told Sky Sports.

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