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A goal in added time for 2:2 deprived Schalke 04 of its first victory in the Bundesliga since January. In a match from the 11th round, the miners were leading 2:1 during their visit to Augsburg, and they were one more. Thus, they foresaw the first success in the championship in 27 matches, but in the end they failed due to a goal by the reserve Marco Richter in the 93rd minute.

The Bavarians took the lead in the 32nd, when after a cross Suat Serdat from the visiting team directed the ball into his own net.

Schalke equalized in the 52nd minute after an incorrect pass from an Augsburg player, who brought Benito Raman alone against the goalkeeper. The striker did not make a mistake and the result was 1:1. The repetitions showed that the referee`s decision may be wrong, but since VAR is not used in yellow card situations, the contentious situation was never considered and the red card remained in force.

The dream for the team from Gelsenkirchen came true in the 61st minute, when Nabil Boujelab was accurate for 2:1.

Two big misses of Schalke players followed, which then turned out to be important. Thus came the added time when Richter scored with his head for the final 2:2.

In this situation, the miners remain in last place with only 4 points. Augsburg has not won in five games and is tenth.

The match analyzed by handball betting rules will be remembered with the unpleasant incident with the Schalke striker Mark Ut. In the first minutes he was seriously injured in a fight for the ball, falling to the ground and losing consciousness. The player was immediately taken to hospital and the latest information is that he is conscious again and will remain in the clinic overnight.

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