Handball prediction Max Verstappen: It`s important that Perez stay ahead of Leclerc in the championship

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handball tips Red Bull expects to finish the 2022 season in the first and second positions in the individual standings.

Max Verstappen has already won the championship title, but the fight for second place is not over - with two Grands Prix before the end of the season, Red Bull co-pilot Sergio Perez is ahead of Ferrari`s Charles Leclerc by only 5 credit points.

This weekend Brazil will host the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, which will also host the final sprint race. This means that the teams will have less time to prepare for Sunday`s race, but Red Bull hope to succeed.

Due to the sprint, we will have little time for training, which will complicate the task of setting up the car.

But we want to finish the season in first and second positions, so it`s important to make sure Cheko [Perez] stays ahead of Charles [Leclerc], ` Verstappen said.

I go to the final according questions for handball tips two races with the feeling that I can still win. We may have won individual and team titles, but it is also important for us to finish the championship in the first and second positions - for this we need to achieve the best possible results in all remaining races, including the sprint, " said Perez.

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