The sad farewell of a legend!

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handball tips Italy`s national team record holder Canluigi Buffon has announced he is retiring from the national team. The rematch from the 2018 World Cups against Sweden was a duel No. 175 for the legendary watchman with the Adzur team. After the zero draw, leaving the Italians outside the finalists of the World Cup for the first time since 1958, Buffon with tears in his eyes said: `I leave the national team and leave it to the young boys.

Buffon missed the incredible opportunity to become the first player to take part in six world championships. It`s disappointing, `said the 39-year-old goalkeeper in front of Rai Sport`s cameras. `It is a pity that my last match from buy handball picks for Italy has ended in this way. It is a shame not for me, but because we did not do what our compatriots expected us to do. We can not talk about any underestimation. Everyone who has played in similar matches knows how difficult it is to overcome a pass from a clean goal. It is certain that we did not show the best football we are capable of. We lacked energy and sharpness to score a goal, but the Swedes played similarly in Stockholm, but achieved a result that made them fit. In these two games everything was solved by separate situations where, unfortunately, luck was not on our side, Buffon explained. The future of Italian football is good, I am convinced. We have pride and determination. We`ve always faced heavy damage, we`ll do it now. I leave the team, but he can rely on the extremely talented Canluigi Donnarumma and Mattia Perrin. I thank all the players I played with. I want to embrace especially Giorgio Chiellini, Andrea Bardzali and Leonardo Bonucci. With them we were shoulder-to-shoulder for more than 10 years. I hope together we have been a good example for the young, `continued the excited guard.

On a question related to the responsibility of breeder Jampiero Ventura for the failure, Buffon replied: In football you win as a team and you lose as a team. The guilt for bad results is common. The coach is part of the team.

With Italy Buffon is a world champion since 2006. He is in 4th place in the eternal rankings of the players with the most matches for his country, and first among the Europeans. The legendary watchman demonstrates that he is also a great man in the minutes before the match, when the whole audience of San Siro booed the Swedish anthem, and he was sportingly acclaimed.

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