Handball tip Alfa Romeo sports director on 2023 calendar: We pay almost a million just for transporting goods to Canada

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handball tips Beth Zehnder spoke about the unprecedented logistics spending in Formula 1 in 2023.

The series planned to hold 24 Grand Prix, but the stage in China was canceled due to coronavirus restrictions. However, the race in Shanghai may yet return to the calendar.

The reasons for the huge expenses were a record number of races, high inflation and numerous flights between continents. In particular, the Miami Grand Prix will take place a week after the stage in Azerbaijan, and the Canadian Grand Prix will divide the races in Spain and Austria.

Take, for example, England. We will pay 25 percent more than last year. Difficulties arise everywhere. Say, in Austin, all [rooms] for 2023 are booked. We tried to reserve ten additional rooms - no chance. Perhaps it was impossible to draw up a calendar with significantly higher costs.

The European tee [Emilia-Romagna, Monaco, Spain], in my opinion, is worse than the American one [USA, Mexico City, Sao Paulo]. He worries me a lot. We used to travel from Barcelona to Monaco in a week, but from Imola it takes much longer. In addition, the installation and dismantling of structures in Monaco is always fraught with chaos.

Shipping [to Canada] is by far the most expensive of the year. We pay almost a million just for cargo, " said sports director Alfa Romeo.

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