Handball tipster Robert Orry was removed from his son`s school match for inappropriate behavior.

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handball tips Seven-time NBA champion Robert Orry was ejected from his son`s high school game in Los Angeles for inappropriate behavior.

During a pause in the meeting, 52-year-old Orry stood up from his seat and began shouting at the judge. In the video you can see the ex-forward shouting You suck.

Orry then walked down from the podium onto the court and continued to express his opinion about the refereeing.

The staff and police escorted Orry out of the hall.

Orry spent 16 years in the NBA, playing for the Rockets, Suns, Lakers and Spurs.

This isn`t the first time Orry has had controversy at his son`s basketball game. In August 2017, he punched a bully several times during a game advised by links to handball tipster in Los Angeles.

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